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Boys Varsity Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · XC 2017 Meeting Recap

Thank you, to all the athletes and parents who were able to attend our initial information meeting on August 1st. We are really enjoying working with all of you and feel like this season is going to be so great.

There will be one more meeting, for parents and runners, just prior to our first meet on August 26th. It will be held during that week and I will provide details as to location as time. Please plan to attend, even if you attended our initial one.

If you missed the meeting, or have questions, the following should help. As always, please feel free to contact Coach Lockrem if you need additional information.

August 7-11 practices will remain as they have during the summer. more information. The addition to this schedule is the Friday Evening Event.

What is required, at this time : 

-attend practices

-pay your Pay To Play (in person or Online, through OSP)

-turn in all paperwork. asap.Athletes are not permitted to practice or compete until we have all of the necessary paperwork on file.

-buy your shiny, new t-shirt ($11) and uniform ($40). (in person or Online, through OSP) You are going to run even better than you look, this season. And you’re going to look awesome.

-read over upcoming practice schedule and any other articles, from our page, that may answer your questions.

-stay hydrated, make good food choices, get extra sleep and keep your body ready to work hard and run with your team.