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New uniforms!! We are excited to share the great look with you. The better the team looks, the better they perform. (fact)

This season, uniform orders will be placed through Kara has been providing team apparel for local programs (Including UHS) for a while and we’re very excited to work with her.

All orders will be placed and paid for, directly to her company. Coaches can accept completed forms and payment, but it will all be collected, by Kara, on Wednesday January 23rd. At the time of this deadline, payment must be included with the completed forms.

The only mandatory item is the full uniform (shorts & jersey). The complete set is $38. Anything else on the flyer is optional, but looks great with the logo and clothing she’s put together.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Coach Lockrem, Coach Copes, or Kara. Her email address is on the form.

The attached links are a digital copy of the “flyer”. Feel free to print the form when completing your order, or simply include payment with your written selections.

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