Boys Varsity Track, Girls Varsity Track · All You Ever Need to Know About Track Meets

The 2019 Meet Schedule can be found here. Further details for each meet can be found on this site. If, after checking both, and our athletics page, you have further questions regarding a meet, please contact Coach Lockrem or Coach Copes.

Some of our meets are invitational and will have limited entry. The kids will know, two days prior to every meet, if they are going to be competing or not. Others (County Meets) have more flexibility and will include most, if not all, available athletes.

Transportation options vary for the meets, as well. Again, all athletes will be given notice regarding a bus schedule, if their own transportation will be required, arrival times, etc.

General Meet Guidelines: 

  • Please be sure to eat and hydrate well, throughout the day.
  • Pack drinks, light (ones your body is used to) snacks and possibly a light meal. These are long days/nights. It is highly likely you will have plenty of time to eat prior to, after and possibly between your event(s). Don’t rely on concession stand food or someone else’s backpack.
  • No one leaves the meet without checking out with a coach.
  • Wear your uniform to the meet and during warm-up. All athletes need solid color undergarments. Black, white and great are preferred. (sports bras, sliders/compression shorts)
  • Family and friends are welcomed and encouraged to come and watch as many events as time allows. The better our cheering section, the better we perform!
  • You may not run under another athlete’s name/number unless a coach has permitted you to do so. (pre-meet, noncompetitive type events, only)
  • If you are not taking the bus, check and double-check the meet location. Do not assume you remember from a previous event. Things change!
  • Be aware of the event list and the announcements. Coaches cannot be everywhere. It is ultimately up to the athletes to be where they’re required at the appropriate times.

What to Bring: 

  • extra socks and running shoes
  • uniform (you should be wearing this) and spikes (if applicable)
  • an extra layer for over or under your uniform (long pants, long sleeved shirt, hoodie, etc)
  • water and food
  • cash
  • blanket or towel (or both)
  • toilet paper
  • garbage bag
  • umbrella or poncho
  • race face and a positive attitude