Multiple Teams · UHS Titans Running Rules

The following is a collection of important and not-so-important information regarding University High’s Cross Country and Track and Field Seasons. Familiarize yourself with this list and you’ll be a pro in no time. 

Big Five Rules: 

  1. Keep your shirt on. Simple. 
  2. No headphones during practice or warm-ups. (on the bus and at team camp are okay situations) 
  3. Keep Language Clean. You’re representing yourself, school and family. Also, Coaches don’t want to hear it. 
  4. No “Cuddley-Wuddleys”. This is a co-ed team. Not a dating service. 
  5. RUN during your races. If you are walking for more than 4 seconds, it will be because you are in immediate need of professional, medical services and/or there is an actual bone sticking out of your body. If you’re going to show up, you need to SHOW UP. 

Varsity Letter Requirements: 

Athletes who make the district entry list will receive a varsity letter.

Seniors who have competed in consecutive seasons but have not reached a qualifier will receive their varsity letter.

Advice for Parents:

  1. Running TF or XC is all about your kids!
  2. Communicate with your kids to find out what’s going on. It’s a great opportunity to talk. If that doesn’t cover it, just check the website. The information you need is probably there. If all of that falls through, please contact a coach.
  3. Please try to avoid trying to talk to a coach during a race. It will be best to wait until all athletes have crossed the finish line. Then they can give you better attention.
  4. These sports will make your kids hungry. Help them make good food choices.
  5. The best thing for injury is prevention. Help us take a pro-active, rather than reactive approach. Remind them to keep their limbs loose, use their foam rollers, rest on recovery days, not try to squeeze in extra workouts, etc.
  6. Be mindful of changes (especially negative) in your son or daughter’s attitude. This can be a sign of over-training. Please don’t hesitate to inform a coach of any concerns.
  7. Have goals in mind for your kids, but don’t make them known. Your support is all they need.
  8. Keep them outfitted in good (not necessarily expensive) running gear. Proper shoes and socks make a world of difference. Again, ask a coach to point you in the right direction, if necessary.
  9. Make sure your kids ride home on the bus, after meets, as much as possible. This is their social time when endorphins are high and the stories are flying. It’s great bonding.
  10. Be positive. It may not seem like it, but they listen to everything you say.
  11. Be helpful to new parents. You all felt lost, at some point, and a familiar face or encouraging word makes the meets so much for fun for everyone.
  12. Turn in Pay to Play 🙂
  13. Help take care of the team.
  14. Bring cash to meets. Admission, parking, concession, souvenirs…it’s often cash only.