Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball, Girls Varsity Volleyball · 2019 Volleyball Tryouts List

Thank you to all of the girls who attended tryouts for the UHS Volleyball team.  The following girls, whose alpha codes ARE listed,  are invited back for the 2nd and 3rd days of tryouts.  If your alpha code is not listed,  the coaching staff thanks you for all of your hard work and time spent today.

The following girls are expected to be at the gym no later than 9:30am tomorrow morning:

WLMQ      QXRD     SCKO     XVYK     XEBX     SEFT     RLBD     SCVR

SGHW      QUTB     QUWY    SBIA     SAAZ     XLCL      SVLP     RSGH

WMGH      SAIU     WNMT     VUMK     YCDN    ZLDA     RTWH     TWKQ

QQAK     QTKI     UGZL     RWKB     TONW     RTHC     QWMX     QVSL