Boys Varsity Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · 2020 Cross Country Needs U!

No 2020 Interest Meeting due to Covid-19 Restrictions

Thank you for your interest in joining this incredibly challenging but amazingly rewarding sport. Please look over the most current information, below. Tell your motivated friends. Reach out to me if you still have questions, at this time.

Q. Will there be FL High School Cross Country this Fall? 

A. YES! The FHSAA plans to move forward, with an on-time start to the season. The following link provides the dates we are working with. All of this is subject to change, based on current, unprecedented events.

Q. Are we able to meet for Summer Conditioning? 

A. Not yet. As soon as I learn we are permitted to do so, I will lay out safe procedures and a complete schedule.

Q. Are Coaches able to give athletes workouts to complete, on their own? 

A. Also not yet. If I am cleared to do so, prior to being able to meet for Group Practices, I will provide all interested athletes with a basic Summer Training Plan. Please stay connected to GroupMe and this website to keep informed.

I can, however, strongly encourage you to run. Run every day. Keep it easy and fun. Hydrate. Put yourself back on a healthy sleep schedule. Eat more fruit and vegetables than fries and doughnuts.

When the time comes for all of us to be able to train for the upcoming season, you will need to have already been physically and mentally prepared!

Q. What steps should I take to be eligible to join the team at UHS? 

A. Make sure your required paperwork is completed and current. The following link provides detailed information. Click the “For Students and Parents” tab and check the “Forms” list. Most students will only need to turn in a current (these are only valid for one year) EL2 & EL3. Check to make sure your situation doesn’t require any of the others.

All athletes are also required to be certified in the NFHS Video Courses laid out on the left side of that same tab. (Heat Related Illness, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Concussion in Sports) This also needs to be completed (or repeated), annually. Once the test is passed, please print out the certification in your name, and include it with your paperwork.

You will not be permitted to join team practices, including summer conditioning, until your completed and valid paperwork is turned into a Coach or The Athletics Office at UHS. 


When in doubt, always reach out and ask, please! Check the site. If you don’t find your answer, contact Coach Lockrem, anytime. (Fall Sports, Cross Country. Boys & Girls information is the same) or 407-844-6666 (Coach Lockrem)

GroupMe app : UHSXCTF