Titans News · GoFan tickets available here!! For ALL upcoming sporting events!

This is where you will get tickets for all of our upcoming sporting events!!!


***Please make sure that you hard refresh your phone screen to update GoFan each time you visit it for new ticket availability.

***Please refresh your website each time you visit the site to see new ticket availability.

Please search the school that is the host school for away events.

Schools will open events at different times.  Some schools will make tickets available at the beginning of the season.  While others will open tickets to the public gradually throughout the season.

University High School will open tickets a month at a time.

November events will be made available on Nov 1

December events will be made available on November 27

January events will be made available on January 1

Should an event in its entirety be cancelled, the host school will submit a cancellation to GoFan and refunds will be processed to the credit card used.