Titans News · Volunteers Needed!!! Spring Cleaning

We are hoping that spring is around the corner.  Spring Sports are beginning however whether the spring weather cooperates or not.  😊


Athletics and Grounds are in need of some sprucing up for spring and guests who will be coming for our athletic events..  Not only have we had some recent vandalism, but we are looking to improve some safety measures and spruce up the general appearance.  I want our pride for our school and athletic programs to be evident to all who visit our facility.


We know ABM and our wonderful FMT Steve are overworked.  To that end, we are looking for some help/manpower to help clean up and spruce up.


While there are some tasks that students could help with – walking the grounds to pick up trash, much of the work will need to be done by adults.  If a student helps I can sign off on volunteer hours.


Some of the sample tasks:

Pulling up of the old orange snow fencing

Installing ground sockets for new portable fencing and installing that portable fencing

Hauling away of some heavy/cumbersome debris – wood pallets, trash, damaged hurdles, large sandbags

Getting to every trash can at all athletic facilities and getting it emptied and fresh trash bags installed

Cleaning up the track shed from some of the vandalism of this weekend.

Mowing a couple of areas after they are clean-up

Installing of a cabinet on the side of the concession building for an AED

Possible pressure washing of sidewalk areas if we have people who have pressure washers available to bring.  If you have a hose, bring it too 😊


We would be in need of trucks, tools, mowers, knowledge (I know what all needs done, just not always sure how to get it done!) and manpower!!!




We will having a Spring Clean up on Saturday February 20 beginning at 9:00am.

We will meet at the track.

Bring your energy, your strength, your mask, work gloves, some water and your tools and truck.


Please spread the word!  We are asking for any and all help we can get.


Thanks so much.