Information for Home Education Students

Per FHSAA Policy…

9.2.2 Attendance Exceptions Home Education Student.

A legally registered home education student may participate at one of the following: (§ 1006.15(3)(c), F.S.)

(a) The student’s home zoned public school; or

(b) The public school the student could choose to attend according to the controlled open enrollment provisions pursuant to § 1002.31, F.S.; or

(c) A charter/lab or private school that will accept the student for participation; or

(d) A home education cooperative to which the student belongs. Home Education Student Requirements.

To participate in interscholastic athletics, a home education student must: (§ 1006.15(3)(c)1-7, F.S.)

(a) register as a home education student with the district school superintendent of the county in which he/she resides; and

(b) register with the school of his/her intent to participate in interscholastic athletics as a representative of the school before participation; and

(c) meet the same standards of acceptance, behavior and performance as the school requires of other participating students; and

(d) certify to the school at the end of each semester that he/she has the minimum cumulative grade point average required for participation; and

(e) meet all other FHSAA eligibility requirements; and

(f) must be registered with the FHSAA Office each year using a form provided by the Association.